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Max Planck Intelligent Systems Colloquium (IS Colloquium)

The Max-Planck IS Colloquium is a series of talks about a topic that is of broad appeal to the intelligent system’s community and is given by a world-renowned researcher. Invited participants include graduate students, faculty and other interested members of the Max-Planck community. The goal is to foster discussion and dialogue on larger themes that encourage sophisticated and interdisciplinary perspectives.


Date Speaker Title
16-Oct-2012 René Vidal Sparse Subspace Classification and Clustering
29-Oct-2012 Francis Bach Large-Scale Convex Optimization for Machine Learning
14-Nov-2012 Ingo Steinwart Adaptive Density Level Set Clustering
26-Nov-2012 Pavel Laskov Security Analysis of Learning Algorithms
7-Jan-2012 Philip Dawid Proper Local Scoring Rules
21-Jan-2012 Peter Grünwald Safe Learning: learning the learning rate in Bayesian, MDL and PAC-Bayesian inference
28-Jan-2012 Jörg Lücke TBA
4-Feb-2012 Andreas Krause TBA
18-Feb-2012 Daniel Keim TBA
Past Speakers
16-Apr-2012 Cordelia Schmid Actions recognition from videos: some recent results
23-Apr-2012 Tonio Ball Brain-machine interfacing based on the electrocorticogram (ECoG)
14-May-2012 Zoubin Ghahramani Nonparametric Bayesian Machine Learning
21-May-2012 Hendrik Lensch Measuring Multispectral Reflectance
17-Jun-2012 Harald Baayen Modeling aspects of the language system with naive discrimination learning
2-Jul-2012 Bert Kappen Path Integral Control Theory
30-Jul-2012 Felix Darvas Novel control signals for non-invasive brain computer interfaces
24-Sep-2012 Stephan Roth How well do filter-based MRFs model natural images?
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