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Pedro A. Ortega

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
School of Arts and Sciences
University of Pennsylvania


I am a postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania. I got my PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge and my BSc/Diploma in Computer Engineering from the University of Chile. My background is mainly in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, and I study cybernetics.

This is Ludwig Boltzmann (no joke). Thanks Jordi!

I'm a proud member of the former Tuebingen group on Sensorimotor Learning and Decision Making, where some of the now widespread ideas on Thompson sampling, causality, and thermodynamic methods for reinforcement learning have originated. Check out its members' sites:

Research Interests

I am a cyberneticist interested in the mathematical foundations of intelligent behaviour. I study the links between various topics such as Bayesian probability theory, information theory, stochastic control, theoretical economics, causality, statistical mechanics, ergodic theory and complexity theory. Other areas of interest are computational neuroscience, psychology and epistemology. Also, I'm a huge fan of minimalistic algorithms.

Free Energy Functional (it's also meant to be a puzzling pic)

Most of my work centers on information-theoretic and statistical mechanical approaches to learning and control, leading to contributions in bounded rationality models and recasting adaptive control as a causal inference problem. I have also worked on causal induction, and on game- and decision-theoretic models in computational neuroscience.

To get a sense of my work, please refer to:

News (on Twitter)


Pedro A. Ortega
Department of Psychology
School of Arts and Sciences
University of Pennsylvania
Goddard Building, Office 420
3710 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6241

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